The practice of website flipping is back in vogue these days. And if you think that selling websites is that easy, think again. At the end of the day, the ability to design and create a website that truly sells requires a lot of innovative thought and savvy marketing insight. Here are a few valuable insights in creating and effectively marketing a website on Flippa.

What Is

If you were selling websites five or six years ago, you’d probably be creating a sales pitch for the website and posting it in a webmaster-related forum or discussion board. In the last three years, one of the best places for selling a website was the SitePoint Marketplace, which was renamed Flippa a year ago. Flippa is now recognized as the best place for buying and selling websites and domains. Dozens of websites are generally listed for sale each day, from duplicate websites to online retailers, which sell products and services and rake in tens of thousands each month.

What Are The Keys To Creating A Website That Sells?

Although some individuals have experienced success in creating and selling websites, many often fail in their quest to become successful website flippers. The key to creating websites that appeal to a wider segment of buyers is to look deeper at several vital factors. These factors include the age of the domain, how established the website is, the website’s ranking, the keywords used, the number of visitors it gets each month, and the website’s commercial potentials. About traffic, you need to enhance the keywords used and learn about SEO to upgrade the site’s rankings on the search engine results.

The Price Of A Website Is Subjective

A website that may look worthless to you may look profitable and visually enticing to someone else. Therefore the question of pricing is somewhat subjective with regards to selling a website. This also helps explain why websites sell more than what you think they are worth. Regardless of the average sales price, website sellers or buyers must remember that each website is different, whether in visual or commercial aspects, and this explains why some buyers sell it ten or twenty times more than the actual price.

Offer Realistic Website Valuations

To be honest, it’s quite hard to find good websites that are realistically priced because the ones that are priced right often get easily snapped up by buyers. Many website creators and sellers often fall prey to overvaluation. Because some sellers often get too attached to the websites they create, they often time offer exacerbated valuations on them. Before your website gets tangled in n extensive bidding war, do some research first, and look into how much time and money it cost you to develop that website so that you’ll be able to sell it at a realistic price and enticie buyers.