Flashback to or three years ago, and for those who were selling or buying websites, the place to go was a website called SitePoint Marketplace. As the years went on, the demand steadily grew, and the creators of SitePoint decided to enhance their site and build a definitive venue for buying and selling websites. They called it Flippa.com. Ever since Flippa was released, it has never ceased to become a popular haunt for website buyers and sellers.

Who Regularly Visits and Uses Flippa?

If you haven’t had a clear idea of how Flippa works, you first need to understand the types of individuals who use Flippa. Flippa is known as a “mid-range” website marketplace. Therefore, it mainly attracts mid-range sellers, and the prices generally don’t go beyond $100,000, except for a select few. Flippa often attracts template-styled websites, where sellers put together a turnkey package that’s ready to make money. Most website sellers on Flippa often offer phrases such as “Clickbank-ready” and “Potential” to entice buyers. Many legitimate sellers often use Flippa, so buyers will occasionally find well-designed websites, and priced right.

What’s The Correct Way Of Buying Web Sites On Flippa?

According to several website flipping veterans, the correct method for choosing and buying websites on Flippa is by being extra patient when browsing through the selections or the listings. Because there are an estimated 800 websites sold each day or during a specific time frame, website buyers need to identify the potential red flags and cross out the poor ones when making their decision. The good thing is that Flippa has built-in several helpful tools and features to help buyers properly evaluate each website option.

On Flippa, you’ll know more about Site Details, Site Statistics, Site Content, Domain Data, and Seller Details. Flippa.com does a wonderful job in summarizing and showing all major facts about a website, including the seller. This allows buyers to get a better insight into each website offered for sale. Flippa.com also has a Trust score feature, which fully takes into account the website’s previous sales record, length of the account, contact information, so that it will help buyers get deeper insights about the website and its sellers.

Most website sellers on Flippa, price their websites based on ten to twelve months’ worth of income. However, sellers can also price their websites based on future earning potentials and statistics. To buy websites listed on Flippa, make an offer, or bid in an auction or private sale. Once you bid for the property in a public auction, your bid either gets rejected or accepted by the seller. If your bid meets the auction reserve price, or if it offers the highest dollar value of all bids accepted, then you’ll be declared the winner in that auction, and you’ll be bound to buy the website for the price you bid. After you win the auction, the company then sends you and the seller to the Sale Completion Areas so that the two of you can fully complete the transaction.