If you’re having problems with selling the websites you’ve created, worry no more because there are lots of sites out there for purchasing new and existing websites, and Flippa is one of them. Flippa.com is a wonderful place for selling or searching for nice websites, which you can add to your affiliate marketing or Adsense portfolios. If you have never tried selling a website before, then there are a few aspects that you need to know. Here’s a quick overview of what to look out for when buying a website on Flippa.

Know Where The Past Traffic Volumes Came From

While most newbies \often get blurred by dreams about websites that claim to make a good amount of money in monthly income, don’t get burned by all the statistics that back up the site’s so-called past earnings. Make sure you verify and ascertain the information and facts regarding where the website’s past traffic volumes were coming from. If most of the traffic came from private email newsletters, you may not have access to them. However, try to find out if most of the website’s traffic is due to backlinks or SEO optimization techniques.

Find Out If The Web Site Is A Duplicate

Before buying a website just because it looks flashy or colorful, better check out if it has duplicate content or material. You can use tools such as copyscape.com to verify duplicate content. If a seller insists that the website is a resale, do your research first. Good websites are often made by those who want to sell them but intend to flip them for the full value of the original site, or they simply wish to let go of the site and have it managed by better hands.

Find Out Why They’re Selling It

Before you purchase the website, find out why the seller is letting go of his site. If the completely new website is cheaply priced, then it could be because you’re purchasing an upstart site, but you still need to build traffic or maintain it. If the website was already making money, then ask why would someone be more than willing to let go of it?

Determine If There Are Other Additional Fees

When you find a nice website that’s offered on sites like Flippa and others, take note of any additional charges levied by the seller. Each website sale is unique in its own right because of many factors, such as the different payment methods, transfer fees, and other possible charges. Also, find out how and when the website that you plan to purchase, will be transferred to you. In addition, also ensure that you get a hundred percent of the content and that you won’t have to deal with all those fancy automated plug-ins that you don’t even know how to use.

However, if you’re the one selling a website on Flippa, you must think about any potential questions that your buyers might ask from you. Just make sure that your answers to the varied queries of buyers are short and simple since you certainly don’t want to confuse or overwhelm them with loads of data and information. All you need to do is let them know what your website is, how it earns money, and what its main sources of traffic are.